Who We Are

A commitment to Clients and Community

Banpong Tapioca is a Thailand leading manufacturer of native starch and various modified starch for both renewable food and industrial ingredients. We take these renewable crops and transform them through the use of innovative technology into value added ingredients for our food, beverage and industrial customers.

Backed by an experienced management team and a closed tie with many strong research organizations, Banpong Tapioca's products help add taste, texture, nutrition and increased functionality to everyday products used by millions of people around the world.

For the past 39 years, Banpong Business Philosophy is our commitment to how we do business. It is a declaration that compels us to provide highest quality products. We take our clients' satisfaction the highest priority while listening more, to consider our actions and their impact broadly, and to lead responsibly.

Our business is structured in two segments:

Native Starch

We produce highest quality, super high grade non-GMO tapioca native starch. Our products meet international standards and satisfy all our clients' applications providing consistency, cleanliness and high viscosity.

Modified Starch

We produces varieties of modified starch to serve our customers in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper, packaging and building industies. We fully commit to continue in our research and development to fulfill our customers' demanded applications.

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